The Best Interior Design Styles

When you are looking for a new design style for your space, you’ll find that there are limitless styles and trends that you can choose from. To help you narrow down the interior design style that fits your vision, we’ve compiled this comprehensive list of the most popular styles and trends for your project. Let’s dive right in!

interior design styles 1 shabby chic

Modern Design Styles

A modern interior design style has gained popularity in recent years. Generally, a modern style refers to a simplistic design, employing crisp, clean lines and uncomplicated color palette. Popular additions of metal, steel, and glass are often incorporated into a modern interior design style.

Contemporary Design Styles

The term contemporary is often interchangeable with modern designs. The difference between the two is that modern design adheres to a more strict interpretation while contemporary interior designs offer more fluidity and can incorporate curving lines and features from a variety of interior design styles.

Traditional Interior Design

Traditional interior designs often incorporate rich, warm color palettes together with a variety of textures and patterns. Furniture often features ornate and intricate detailing and fabrics like silk and velvet are often used. Traditional designs focus on layering and depth within the interior space.

Bohemian Interior Design

Extremely popular in home design, of course, bohemian interior designs reflect a carefree style that follows the heart’s desire. With little rules, bohemian design can include vintage furniture, light fixtures, textiles, and rugs from flea markets and personal travels. Bohemian styles often feature an eclectic collection and it’s not uncommon to find a glamorous chandelier paired with a well-worn rug and a chair with mid-century designs. As long as you love it, it works!

Rustic Interior Decor

A rustic interior design style incorporates natural inspirations. It often uses unfinished elements to bring nature indoors, such as, wood and stone. Rustic designs often integrate vaulted ceilings or reclaimed wood features like floors.

Shabby Chic Design

Shabby Chic interior design styles are comparable to bohemian and other carefree styles. They offer a softer, more delicate and feminine look and feel to a room. Often featuring distressed and antique finishing with a cool c0lor palette, such as whites, creams, and pastels. To further the feminine feel, add elegant and ornate embellishments to the interior space with light fixtures and wall hangings.

Coastal Design Decor

For those who wish to create a relaxed, comfortable feel inspired by oceanic features, however, a coastal interior design may be perfect for your space. Featuring light color palettes of neutral shades accented by blue and green hues, coastal styles give the look and feel of beachside living. Open and airy, plush furnishings, and elements of wood and sea-inspired accessories, coastal design styles offer a light and comfortable look and feel to any space.