Do You Want an Architect or Designer?

Designing a new home or undertaking a thorough renovation is quite an involving plan. There are plans to create, blueprints to come up with and schematics to implement. The desire to hire a professional who will guide you through the process is understandable. The question, however, is who you should hire. An architect or a designer.

architect or a designer

The difference between Home Designers and Architects

The greatest difference between home designers and architects is how they schooled and how they are licensed. Architects tend to have higher education credentials, better experience and more professional licenses than home designers.

As such, those who advocate for architects believe that their experience is good enough for big projects. They are good with construction laws, the specifications and the basics of creating structurally sound projects.

Home designers on the other hand, though still capable, are believed to be good for the smaller project or when doing a renovation. Most people believe a designer can be easily trusted with such jobs since they don’t put as many resources into one place.

Different Costs to Hire

Since the home designer has comparatively fewer qualifications, chances are that you pay less for a home designer’s services as opposed to what you will pay when working with an architect. You will be paying for the extra skill and experience, something that will definitely come in handy when there’s more at stake.

Who Should You Hire?

Even though architects might have better credentials, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they are the ultimate choice. Sometimes, an experienced home designer will do a better job than an architect who is just setting off in his or her career.

There are no fixed rules to who you should hire. However, some of the things you should consider before making the decision include:

  • What is the amount you are willing to spend on the project
  • How complex is the building plans
  • Do your local laws prefer specific qualifications for the project

Do Extensive Interviews

The best way to identifying the right person for the job ultimately lies in a good old-fashioned interview. Sit down with the home designer or the architect and ask for samples and ideas on the project. If there aren’t any formal certifications binding you, it is always wise to go with the one who shows the best expertise.

For instance, a very good home designer might be great at designing and constructing townhouses but won’t be very experienced in erecting 50 story condos. The practical experience and expertise of the contractor you choose is more important than the name.

Either way, architects can always draw deep from their mathematical and structural dynamics of understanding. They can come up with a solid building that is within acceptable corporate or residential parameters. However, if you already have a structurally sound building or are looking at a small project, it would be economical to hire a home designer.